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Need to learn about beard oil?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

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Great news, you have found the best article that covers the topic.

Beard oil is the assistant for many problems meet during the growing and maintenance phases of a beard. Whether you have or are growing a ling beard or a short beard, beard oil will help to keep your beard healthy.

When choosing a beard oil, it is important to look for one which promotes a beard health, with great beard conditioning properties. It is safe to say that once you find a great beard oil that promotes a soft and healthy beard, you will never go back. The benefits of beard oil are endless. If you are currently growing a beard that is dry and coarse, applying a superior quality beard oil will help your beard become softer and more hydrated, making it easier to style. Another important benefit of a high-quality beard oil is the skin beneath your beard will benefit from the quality ingredients, and if you are suffering from beard ruff, say goodbye to that.


Beard oil is a product that has been specifically formulated to promote a healthy beard. Whether you rock stubble or a long beard, beard oil is created to help make your beard soft, hydrated and healthy. Beard oil offers far more benefits than just a beard conditioner and the fact your facial hair is different to the hair on your head or body, it can benefit from the attention.

Beard oils are known to be scented, this is a key factor when choosing a beard oil as you do not want a scent that is overwhelming and mixes with your own cologne.


If you have a beard that is coarse, rough and spiky, then you will want to tame that down. If you have a partner, then taming your coarse beard down will also benefit them, they don't want to get beard rash every time they come for a kiss. Many people shave their beard also due to the dreaded beard itch, so let's avoid that.

Thankfully, a superior quality beard oil will help soften a coarse beard and hydrate it, making it easier to manage. Also, the health of skin beneath your beard will need TLC, which a beard oil can deliver. If you keep the skin beneath your beard healthy and hydrated, it will stop not only your beard itching but also help combat beard ruff and other dry skin problems. A beard oil can also help to keep your beard smelling nice, if the scent is not overwhelming.


So, you have made the decision to leave to clean shaven or stubble club and you are heading to the beard brothers club. Welcome! We personally recommend that you start using beard oil around a 5 - 7 days after you get stubble come through. Don't use beard oil on a clean-shaven face, as all you will do is clog your pores and it will not help the growth in anyway and you could end up delaying the growth. A great indicator as to when you should start using beard oil is when you are asked, whether you are going to shave, a phrase we all have heard at least once, or a thousand times, if you have a partner like myself, who isn't crazy about the beard look.


Just with any grooming product, you will get the recommended usage on the product itself. However, the usage of a beard oil is down to yourself and what suits your needs. If you have a shorter beard, you will not need to use as much as someone with a long beard. Also, another factor which will affect your usage will be down to how long the beard oil lasts. Some beard oils will generally last longer in your beard than others.


Cleanse Your Beard First.

First things first, your beard must be clean, towel-dried, and just barely damp from water or after a shower (but not excessively wet, since this will prevent the beard oil from sticking). Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand to get started. Depending on the length of your beard, we recommend using 3 to 6 drops. Less is more for beginners, and as you become more comfortable with the procedure, you'll eventually develop a decent sense of how much you need.

  • Apply Beard Oil to The Skin Beneath Your Beard First.

After spreading the product evenly with your hands, massage your beard with your fingers. To guarantee that the beard oil moisturizes the skin beneath your beard and the roots of your beard, you should first massage the oil into the skin.

  • Apply Oil to Your Facial Hair.

Start applying straight to the beard once you've covered the skin and roots. By swiping your hands downward, begin with the sides of the beard and work your way down. In the same downward sweeping motion, brush your hands along the front. Next, use your hands to gently brush up from the neck.

  • To Finish Up, Comb Your Beard.

Use your pointer fingers to repeatedly swipe the front of your moustache if you have one. To complete, use a comb to comb the product evenly across the beard until it is soft and conditioned.


  1. Hydration: Who likes a dry coarse beard that feels like sandpaper? Not your partner, that's for sure. No one wants to cuddle up with sandpaper and suffer beard burns after a kiss or two. Good news, beard oil will sort that straight out. Just apply a few drops daily to your facial hair, more if you rock a long, thick beard and the beard oil will help keep your beard hydrated and you will notice your beard starting to become softer.

  1. Healthy Skin: The skin beneath your beard is especially important to the overall health of your beard. If the skin is unhealthy, you can bet your beard is also. Therefore, it is important that we supply that skin with enough minerals and vitamins. Keeping the skin beneath your skin healthy and hydrated will help with beard ruff and helps towards suffering from it all-together.

  1. Upkeep: Beards need upkeep. A beard that isn't kept clean or tamed, is not going to be attractive, quite the opposite in fact. By practicing general upkeep on your beard, it will make you not only look dapper, but it lets the world know, you take pride in your beard and appearance. Beard oil will help you towards that goal.

  1. Cleanliness Of Your Beard: Let's be honest, beards can get dirty. If you have a long beard, you will know what I mean. Splashing some water on your beard won't help get rid of the debris and built-up grease and grime. Now of course, the best product for washing your beard is a beard shampoo, hands down. However, beard oil can also help you keep it clean and stop your beard from getting tangled, which is usually caused by a dry or dirty beard.


  1. Tip 1: Apply Gently: Not only do we hear about it, but we also see it done countless times. Some bearded men think it is a clever idea to slap some beard oil on and rub so hard, they take half their beard off.

Not only is it painful but it also damages your facial hair. When using beard oil, gently massage the oil into your beard, making sure you cover the whole area. We recommend using a beard comb to help distribute the beard oil evenly.

  1. Tip 2: Don't Over-Use: If a greasy beard and clogged pores is your aim, then please continue to keep using far more oil than needed. The average beard length only needs two - three drops at one time, providing you are using a superior quality beard oil.


This is a complex question to answer, beard oil does help grow your beard. However, if you are looking for a product that's sole purpose is formulated to grow a beard, then look for another product. Beard oils are usually formulated to promote a healthy beard by supplying not only your facial hair but also the skin beneath your beard with important minerals and vitamins. These minerals and vitamins soak into the hair follicles and the skin beneath your beard, which helps to keep both hair and skin hydrated and healthy. Having a healthy and hydrated beard will promote new growth, be bit in length and thickness. However, the results will not be quick or noticeable. Therefore, we recommend you look at another product if beard growth is purely only your desire.


The first thing I will say is that you do not want to use more than a drop or two. The last thing you want to do is coat the skin beneath the stubble with a thick layer of oil. This will only clog the pores like any other oil.

When making the leap from stubble to the awkward growth stage, you will notice irritation which is called beard itch. Beard oil will help with that by softening the facial hair, which leads to less or no irritation. Therefore, stopping the urge to shave it off.

As previously mentioned, beard oil will help with a healthier beard as it grows out providing you are using a superior quality product, which in turn will promote growth. If the facial hair and skin beneath are supplied with good vitamins and minerals, then you can expect growth and an overall nice soft, hydrated beard.


No way. Unless you want to clog your pores with oil, which can lead to a pimple break-out, we suggest you buy a product that is formulated as a face moisturizer. The oils that are used in beard oils are not the same oils your facial skin needs or wants; therefore, you will do more harm to your skin than good.


We recommend you apply beard oil to your facial hair daily. If you are after style though, we don't recommend beard oil as the oils are light and hold no hold elements needed to style a beard. Beard oil is used purely for general beard maintenance and health.

We do recommend using beard oil daily. However, if you miss a day or two, don't sweat it. You are not going to undo any work you have put into your beard. However, if you do miss a day, be sure to get back to your routine the next day. Beard oil keeps your beard hair and the skin beneath hydrated, when the skin beneath is dry, it will begin to cause beard ruff. So, although missing a day isn't the end of the world as we know, try to keep to a daily routine. Beard oils are small, so you will be able to travel with it.

Most bearded brothers usually tend to apply their beard oil in the morning. This way you keep your beard hydrated throughout the working day and it also helps you get in the habit of having a beard care morning routine. A routine is essential if you are planning to rock a beard. A beard is like a masterpiece on your face; therefore, a good routine will help to make sure the masterpiece gets its daily maintenance.

Keep the beard oil in cool condition. You might have heard that heating oil before applying it to your hair is key in helping the oil soak in. While that may be correct for some treatments on the hair on your head, it isn't true for beard oils. Heat could end up removing the valuable properties from the beard oil, which your beard will need. So, our advice is don't heat your beard oil up.

Apply the beard oil last. When you wake up and you are getting ready to take on the day, your beard oil should be the last thing you do. You do not want to apply beard oil and then get dressed, as you will only end up getting oil on your shirt and removing oil from your beard. So do your morning routine, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth, do your hair etc. and then apply the beard oil.


This is a question that is asked a lot. We recommend that you should apply your beard oil when your beard is still damp after a shower, so dry yourself quickly, get dressed and then apply the beard oil. The reason we recommend applying it while your beard is still damp is because while your beard is wet, it holds moisture. So, it is best to lock in that moisture while it's there, which beard oil will do. When you get out of a shower and allow your beard to dry, you will find your beard becomes very dry which is what we want to avoid.

Now let's say you rock a thick, long beard, it would be best to get as much of the excess water out of your beard first before applying the beard oil. Although, we are sure, if you have grown an epic beard then you know what you are doing.


They most certainly do! The beard and skin under requires natural oils and air, just like the rest of our skin and hair. Beard ruff can be caused because your facial hair is absorbing the skin oils, instead of your skin, which therefore means your skin beneath your beard is dry and will start to become flaky. So how we prevent and treat it is simple, hydration. Beard oil will provide your beard hair and the skin beneath with some much-needed hydration, which will reduce the dryness and flakiness of the skin.


As with all grooming products, be it beard care products, skin care products and so on, you are usually informed on the label of the product to store the product in a cool, dark place and with good reason also.

You want to avoid direct sunlight shining on your beard oil as the sunlight will sure enough penetrate the bottle and cause harm to the oil, such as warming the oil up or destroying the good elements inside of the oil. Meaning your beard oil's goodness will be removed, meaning you have wasted your money and the beard oil will not be as effective.

We recommend finding a nice spot in your bathroom cupboard, where humidity doesn't build up and the area is cool and darkened. If you don't have space for it there, then we suggest you find a place that doesn't get a lot of sunlight and doesn't get too hot.


The answer to this question depends on the amount you use. Typically, a two-ounce beard oil bottle will last around from 4 months, providing you are only using two or three drops a day. If you of course use the oil more than that, then the oil will not last as long.

Beard oil will typically last 8 - 12 hours in your beard, providing you are using a superior quality beard oil. Of course, when you shower, you will wash some of the beards out, so do not apply the oil before showering. We feel that is obvious, but we like to be on the safe side.


Yes, it is, provided you are using a high-quality beard oil. There are many beard oils out there which have elements of silicone, which personally I would tell you to avoid. One thing to note is that what works for one person, may not for another person. The quality of a beard oil differs from brand to brand. Some use only premium ingredients while others use a mix. However, once you get yourself a superior quality beard oil and experience the qualities of a beard oil we have mentioned on our blog, you will never go back to a time without one.


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