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About Us

K&M Kustom Kreations brings custom clothing style to your life far. Our vision is to be creative and inspire creativity, our products and services reflect these ideals. We invite you to browse through our site to find just what you have been looking for, or let us help create your design. From bulk ordering for Artists and Organizations to printing your favorite picture, or shop our custom lines, K&M has you covered.

  • Digital printing service (Full Color, Transfer, Sublimation)

  • Vinyl

  • Screen Printing (coming soon)

Product line standards include:

  • Gildan®

  • Gildan Softstyle®

  • Bella + Canvas

  • American apparel

Bulk product line:

  • Subject to availability unless specified by client


Why shop with us?

  • Family owned and operated

  • Environment-Friendly products vs screen printing 

  • Higher Quality Appearance 

  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Complex Detailed Images Welcome

  • Multiple Colors Welcome

Inspiring Type 1 Diabetic Poses: T-Shirt Printing Company in MO - Empowering Custom Designs

Meet Maddie our Type 1 Warrior 

Diagnosed at 2yrs of age Maddie has been fighting, growing and making the best out of life, our inspiration for our Type 1 Strong and Dead Pancreas Society.

Welcome to K&M Kustom Kreations, your go-to destination in Joplin, MO, for not just any clothing, but a lifestyle that screams originality and flair! We're not your run-of-the-mill clothing store; we're the maestros of custom ink and wearable art. Our K&M shirts aren't just garments; they're your personality stitched into fabric, a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Let's talk about our K&M apparel line. It's not just about meeting quality standards; it's about exceeding them. Every piece from our collection, be it the bold American Heathen collection or the quirky Dead Pancreas Society line, tells a story. Our K&M designs are a mixtape of your life – sometimes retro, sometimes rocking the latest beats.

Our K&M fashion sense? It's like having a time machine and a crystal ball in your wardrobe. We fuse timeless classics with contemporary trends, ensuring you're always ahead of the fashion curve. And when it comes to T-shirt printing, we're the superheroes of style in Joplin, MO. Our custom solutions turn your wildest ideas into fashion adventures.

But wait, there's more! Our humor-themed collection will have you chuckling every time you look in the mirror. And for those who love a bit of nostalgia, our vintage and movie-themed attire is like a trip down memory lane, but with better clothes. Now, let's get personal with our custom shirts and designs. You're the maestro of your own fashion symphony, and our custom apparel is your orchestra. Personalize your gear with a splash of color, a dash of text, and a whole lot of attitude. Why settle for off-the-rack when you can stand out?

Our Type 1 Strong collection is more than just clothes; it's a narrative woven into every thread, a tribute to resilience and strength. We're not just about fashion; we're about stories, about being the wardrobe Spartans in the battle against bland clothing. And it's not just tees! Our ecosystem of style includes everything from hoodies to keep you cozy, coats for those chilly days, and custom bracelets to add that extra oomph. We've got you covered for every season, reason, and occasion.

Behind every K&M creation is a design maestro, a wizard wielding the magic of creativity, color theory, and typography. We don't just dress you; we drape you in artistry.

So, if you're in Joplin, MO, or anywhere else for that matter, and you're looking for the cheapest place to get custom shirts, bulk T-shirts, or even if you're just typing "T-shirt printing near me" into your search bar, remember K&M Kustom Kreations. We're more than just a T-shirt shop; we're a fashion adventure waiting to happen.

Come join us at K&M Kustom Kreations, where every piece of clothing is a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a part of your journey. Let's make fashion fun again!

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