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Behind the Sleepy Joe line

Exposing the Corruption of President Joe Biden's Administration through fashion.

Image depicting corruption in the American political system

Table of Contents:

Media Bias and Source Analysis

  • Definition and impact on public perception

1. Left-Leaning (Liberal) Media

  • Characteristics

  • Examples

  • Effects on Public 2. Right-Leaning (Conservative) Media

  • Characteristics

  • Examples

  • Effects on Public 3. Center or Neutral Media

  • Characteristics

  • Examples

  • Effects on Public

  • Public Perception

  • Polarization

  • Misinformation

  • Percentage breakdown of sources by political leanings 1. Lean Left

  • Sources and impact 3. Lean Right

  • Sources and impact

  • Democratic Party affiliation and general viewpoints

  • Incorporation of sources from across the political spectrum

  • Examples of issues highlighted by left-leaning sources

  • Breakdown of sources by political leanings

  • Summary of research approach and balanced perspective

  • Purpose of the "Sleepy Joe" Line

  • Overview of Concerns Regarding Biden's Administration

  • Definition of Demagogue

  • Representation of Biden as a Demagogue

  • Evidence of Emotional Appeal Over Rational Argument

  • Hyperbolic Statements

  • Racial Demagoguery

  • Inflammatory Statements

  • Inflammatory Language

  • Appeal to Prejudices and Fears

  • 21st Century Jim Crow

  • Voter Suppression Allegations

  • Focus on White Supremacy

  • Selective History

  • Exaggeration of Threats

  • Misrepresentation and Exaggeration

  • Georgia Law Mischaracterization

  • Critique of GOP Policies

  • Corrosive Political Tactics

  • Partisan Motivation

  • Definition of Gerrymander

  • Representation of Biden's Involvement in Gerrymandering

  • Strategic Manipulation vs. Traditional Gerrymandering

  • Traditional Gerrymandering

  • Strategic Primary Scheduling

  • Use of Gerrymandering by Both Parties

  • Democratic Gerrymandering

  • Ethical Considerations

  • Impact on Latino Voters

  • Impact on Latino Voters

  • Diminished Influence

  • Indirect Effect

  • Loophole Concept

  • Strategic Outcome

  • Political Implications

  • Definition of Highbinder

  • Representation of Biden as a Highbinder

  • Key Points

  • Misleading Statements

  • Storage Claims

  • Sharing with Ghostwriter

  • Document Classification

  • Communication with Hunter Biden and Business Associates

  • Active Participation in Business Dealings

  • Official Actions Linked to Biden Family Business

  • Hunter Biden’s Description of His Father

  • Implications and Analysis

  • Highbinder Allegation

  • Legal and Ethical Concerns

  • Definition of Kakistocracy

  • Representation of Biden's Administration as a Kakistocracy

  • Key Points

  • Economic Issues

  • Foreign Policy Issues

  • Immigration Policies

  • Public and Political Perception

  • Definition of Kleptocracy

  • Representation of Biden's Administration as a Kleptocracy

  • Key Points

  • Allegations of Joe Biden's Consideration to Join a Board

  • Testimony of Business Associates

  • Communications and Meetings

  • Financial Interests and Political Influence

  • Definition of Misprision

  • Representation of Biden's Neglect and Improper Execution of Duties

  • Potential Basis for Misprision Concerns

  • Judge's Political Donations

  • Daughter's Political Involvement

  • Appearance of Bias

  • Judicial Ethics and Impartiality

  • Summary of the "Sleepy Joe" Line

  • Importance of Accountability and Transparency

  • Invitation to Readers to Join the Mission

  • List of Cited Sources and Their Political Leanings

Media Bias and Source Analysis in Our Research

Understanding media bias is crucial for critically evaluating news sources and their impact on public perception. Here, we provide a brief explanation of media bias, the different sides, and how it affects the public. Additionally, we include a percentage comparison of the sources we used to ensure a balanced perspective in our research.

Image of scale with facts on one side and bias on the other.

Types of Media Bias

  1. Left-Leaning (Liberal) Media:

  • Characteristics: Emphasizes progressive values, social justice, environmental issues, and equality. Often supports government intervention in the economy and social programs.

  • Examples: CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC.

  • Effects on Public: May lead to greater emphasis on social and economic reforms, influencing public opinion to support progressive policies and leaders.

  1. Right-Leaning (Conservative) Media:

  • Characteristics: Focuses on traditional values, limited government, free markets, and individual responsibility. Highlights national security, law and order, and conservative fiscal policies.

  • Examples: Fox News, The Wall Street Journal (editorial page), The Washington Examiner.

  • Effects on Public: Can shape public opinion towards supporting conservative policies and leaders, emphasizing personal responsibility, free enterprise, and a strong national defense.

  1. Center or Neutral Media:

  • Characteristics: Strives for balanced reporting without favoring a particular political viewpoint. Aims to provide objective news coverage by presenting multiple perspectives.

  • Examples: Reuters, Associated Press, BBC.

  • Effects on Public: Offers a more balanced view, helping the public form opinions based on a comprehensive understanding of the issues. Seeks to minimize bias and present facts as objectively as possible.

Impact of Media Bias on the Public

  • Public Perception: Media bias shapes public perception of issues, events, and leaders. Biased sources can lead to skewed perceptions that align with the slant of their preferred media.

  • Polarization: Media bias contributes to political polarization by reinforcing existing beliefs and creating echo chambers. People tend to consume news aligning with their views, leading to a divided public with less understanding of opposing perspectives.

  • Misinformation: Biased reporting can lead to misinformation, where facts are selectively reported or framed misleadingly. This affects public knowledge and decision-making.

Sources Used in Our Research

To ensure a balanced perspective, we used a variety of sources with different biases. Here is the percentage breakdown of the sources based on their political leanings:

  • Lean Left:

  • Sources: Politico, The Washington Post, Vox, The Nation, PolitiFact, Snopes, NBC News

  • Percentage: 58%

  • Impact: Emphasizes progressive viewpoints and policies, focusing on issues like social justice and environmental protection.

  • Center:

  • Sources: Las Vegas Review-Journal

  • Percentage: 8%

  • Impact: Aims to provide balanced reporting, presenting multiple sides of a story to help readers form well-rounded opinions.

  • Lean Right:

  • Sources: Ways and Means Committee (U.S. House of Representatives), The Washington Examiner, Fox News Digital

  • Percentage: 34%

  • Impact: Emphasizes conservative viewpoints and policies, focusing on issues like national security and economic freedom.

President Joe Biden's Political Affiliation

President Joe Biden is a member of the Democratic Party, which generally aligns with progressive and liberal viewpoints. This party supports policies that focus on social justice, environmental protection, economic equality, and government intervention in social programs.

Image of the Democratic Party

Research Credibility

Our research incorporates sources from across the political spectrum to provide a comprehensive view of the issues surrounding President Joe Biden's administration. Notably, even left-leaning sources, which are generally more supportive of Biden's policies, have highlighted several concerning issues. This inclusion demonstrates our commitment to presenting a balanced and credible analysis.

Examples of Issues Highlighted by Left-Leaning Sources:

  • Politico: Critiqued Biden's speech on voting as demagogic, highlighting concerns about emotional appeals over rational arguments.

  • The Washington Post: Raised issues regarding Biden's inflammatory statements and their impact on public discourse.

  • Vox: Discussed Democratic involvement in gerrymandering, pointing out ethical considerations.

  • PolitiFact: Fact-checked misleading statements by Biden regarding classified documents.

Analysis of Research Balance

  • Left-Leaning Sources (58%): Majority of our sources lean left, providing a progressive perspective on the issues.

  • Center Sources (8%): A small portion of our sources are center-aligned, aiming for neutrality and balance.

  • Right-Leaning Sources (34%): A significant portion of our sources lean right, offering a conservative viewpoint.


"Our research aims to provide a balanced view by incorporating sources with different political leanings. By understanding media bias, readers can critically evaluate news sources and form well-rounded opinions. The percentage breakdown ensures that while we have a diverse range of perspectives, we remain aware of the potential biases in our sources. This approach helps us present a comprehensive and nuanced analysis of the issues related to President Joe Biden's administration. Our inclusion of critiques from left-leaning sources further underscores the credibility and thoroughness of our research."

Introduction Exposing Corruption the Sleepy Joe Line:

In a time when political corruption and dishonesty are becoming increasingly prevalent, we felt compelled to create a series that captures the essence of our concerns regarding President Joe Biden and his administration. The "Sleepy Joe" line is our way of shedding light on the corruption and damage we believe his leadership is causing to our great nation, America. Each design in this series is carefully crafted to highlight a specific aspect of what we have identified as corrupt practices.

Below, we outline the designs and the corresponding nouns that define our stance.

Image of design by K&M Kustom Kreations as part of the Sleepy Joe line "Demagogue"

1. Sleepy Joe Demagogue

Demagogue [dem-a-gogue] - noun: A political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.

The first design in our series portrays Biden as a demagogue. This image aims to represent his alleged tendency to manipulate emotions and prejudices instead of presenting logical arguments and policies. The demagogue design underscores our belief that Biden’s appeal lies more in stirring emotions than in effective leadership and sound reasoning.


Emotional Appeal Over Rational Argument

  • Hyperbolic Statements: The claim that current GOP election rules are "the most serious test of our democracy since the Civil War" is presented as an exaggeration, indicating an appeal to emotion rather than factual comparison (Lowry, 2021).

  • Racial Demagoguery: Hanson accuses Biden of using racially charged rhetoric to scare Black graduates at Howard University by claiming that “white supremacy” is the greatest threat to their aspirations. This tactic is described as "wild racist demagoguery" designed to evoke fear and rally support rather than relying on factual arguments (Hanson, 2023).

  • Inflammatory Statements: Biden's labeling of half the country as "semi-fascists" and "ultra-MAGA extremists" is presented as an effort to vilify opponents and deepen divisions, which is a common demagogic strategy (Hanson, 2023).

  • Inflammatory Language: Olsen criticizes Biden for using inflammatory language to describe Republican election laws, calling them “an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote,” “an assault on democracy,” and “an assault on liberty.” Such rhetoric is seen as an emotional appeal rather than a rational argument, designed to incite fear and anger (Olsen, 2021).

Appeal to Prejudices and Fears

  • 21st Century Jim Crow: Biden's comparison of GOP election laws to "Jim Crow" laws is depicted as an appeal to historical prejudices and fears, rather than an objective analysis of the laws in question (Lowry, 2021).

  • Voter Suppression Allegations: The article argues that Biden's assertions about voter suppression are unfounded, implying that he is exploiting fears for political gain (Lowry, 2021).

  • Focus on White Supremacy: The article argues that Biden emphasizes white supremacy as a major threat without citing supporting data, thereby manipulating public fear and prejudice. Hanson contends that this focus is exaggerated and intended to distract from other significant issues like immigration and opioid deaths (Hanson, 2023).

  • Selective History: Biden's past comments and actions, such as his association with segregationist senators and racially insensitive remarks, are highlighted to argue that his recent anti-racist stance is opportunistic and demagogic, aiming to project himself as a protector while glossing over his own problematic history (Hanson, 2023).

  • Exaggeration of Threats: Biden’s statement that the country faces its “most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War” is characterized as hyperbolic and intended to stoke fear. Olsen argues that this exaggeration manipulates public fears about the integrity of elections for political gain (Olsen, 2021).

  • Partisan Division: The assertion that only his party is committed to democracy while the other is not, is presented as a divisive tactic that leverages partisan prejudices. This black-and-white portrayal of political opponents fits the profile of a demagogue who seeks to polarize public opinion (Olsen, 2021).

Misrepresentation and Exaggeration

  • Georgia Law Mischaracterization: Biden's labeling of Georgia’s voting law as "vicious" is countered by descriptions of the law's reasonable provisions, suggesting that Biden's portrayal is exaggerated and misleading (Lowry, 2021).

  • Critique of GOP Policies: Hanson criticizes Biden for misrepresenting the state of the nation he inherited and the impact of his policies. The article suggests Biden exaggerates the threat of GOP actions to bolster his political position, fitting the profile of a demagogue who distorts facts to incite fear and gain support (Hanson, 2023).

Corrosive Political Tactics

  • Partisan Motivation: The reference to Stacey Abrams’ use of voter suppression claims as a partisan motivator implies that Biden’s speech might be aimed at mobilizing his base through similar means (Lowry, 2021).

Image of design by K&M Kustom Kreations as part of the Sleepy Joe line "Gerrymander"

2. Sleepy Joe Gerrymander

Gerrymander [ger-ry-man-der] - verb: Manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.

Our second design points to Biden's involvement in or support for gerrymandering practices. This image emphasizes the accusation that his administration manipulates electoral boundaries to secure political advantage, thereby undermining democratic principles. The gerrymander design aims to highlight the unethical alteration of electoral maps to favor his party, which we see as a threat to fair representation.

Strategic Manipulation vs. Traditional Gerrymandering

  • Traditional Gerrymandering: Involves redrawing electoral district boundaries to favor a specific party or group, directly manipulating the geographic lines that define voting districts.

  • Strategic Primary Scheduling: Adjusting the order and timing of primary elections to influence which voter groups have more or less impact on the early stages of the nominating process.

  • Use of Gerrymandering by Both Parties: The article describes how both Republicans and Democrats have engaged in gerrymandering, which involves redrawing district lines to create electoral advantages (Prokop, 2022).

  • Democratic Gerrymandering: Recently, Democrats have redrawn district maps in states like New York, Illinois, Oregon, Nevada, and New Mexico to create more districts that favor Democratic candidates (Prokop, 2022).

  • Ethical Considerations: The article notes that despite previous criticisms of gerrymandering as unethical, Democrats have participated in the practice (Prokop, 2022).

Impact on Latino Voters

  • Impact on Latino Voters: The new schedule is criticized for reducing the influence of Latino voters, who are significantly represented only in Nevada among the early states (Weaver, 2022).

  • Diminished Influence: By shifting the primary schedule to include states with lower Latino populations, the proposal could reduce the overall influence of Latino voters in the Democratic primary process (Weaver, 2022).

  • Indirect Effect: While this does not redraw district lines, it changes the political landscape in a way that could indirectly affect the representation and influence of certain demographic groups.

Loophole Concept

  • Strategic Outcome: The proposal could be seen as a loophole or workaround that achieves some of the same strategic outcomes as gerrymandering without actually redrawing district boundaries. By changing the primary schedule, the influence of different voter groups can be manipulated.

  • Political Implications: This approach could be used to shape the political environment in a way that benefits certain candidates or demographics, similar to the goals of traditional gerrymandering.

Image of design by K&M Kustom Kreations as part of the Sleepy Joe line "Highbinder"

3. Sleepy Joe Highbinder

Highbinder [hahy-bahyn-der] - noun: A swindler; confidence man; cheat. A dishonest political official or leader.

In the third design, we depict Biden as a highbinder. This term conveys our view of him as a dishonest leader involved in deceitful practices. The highbinder design is intended to bring attention to instances of alleged fraud and misconduct within his administration, portraying him as a political swindler whose actions harm the integrity of our governance.

Key Points

  • Misleading Statements: The article details several instances where President Biden made misleading or inaccurate statements about how classified documents were stored and who had access to them (Abels & Putterman, 2024).

  • Storage Claims: Biden claimed all documents were stored in lockable cabinets, but the special counsel’s report found some were in a "badly damaged box" with household items (Abels & Putterman, 2024).

  • Sharing with Ghostwriter: Biden denied sharing classified information with his ghostwriter, but the report indicates he read classified information nearly verbatim to the ghostwriter (Abels & Putterman, 2024).

  • Document Classification: Biden claimed the documents were not "highly classified," but the report identified documents marked as "top secret." (Abels & Putterman, 2024)

  • Communication with Hunter Biden and Business Associates:

  • Joe Biden allegedly used multiple email aliases and private email addresses to communicate with Hunter Biden’s business associates.

  • There were 327 emails showing correspondence between Joe Biden and a key business associate of Hunter Biden.

  • 54 of these emails were exclusively between Joe Biden and Eric Schwerin, who was involved in structuring the family’s shell companies. (Ways and Means Committee, 2023)

  • Active Participation in Business Dealings: (Ways and Means Committee, 2023)

  • Joe Biden hosted Hunter Biden and his business associates at the White House.

  • He allegedly facilitated Hunter Biden’s business trips, including using Air Force Two for travel to Mexico City.

  • Biden business associate Devon Archer testified that Joe Biden frequently joined Hunter Biden’s business meetings.

  • Official Actions Linked to Biden Family Business:

  • Email evidence and call notes suggest links between Joe Biden’s official actions and the business interests of the Biden family.

  • Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine, including the dismissal of a prosecutor investigating Burisma, are highlighted as being tied to Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board. (Ways and Means Committee, 2023)

  • Hunter Biden’s Description of His Father:

  • Hunter Biden referred to Joe Biden as the family’s “only asset” and the Biden name as the “brand” in communications with business associates. (Ways and Means Committee, 2023)

Implications and Analysis

  • Highbinder Allegation: The term "highbinder" typically refers to a corrupt or unscrupulous politician. This article does not directly address or support the characterization of Biden as a highbinder. However, it does highlight instances of misleading statements and potential mishandling of classified information, which could be viewed as irresponsible or lacking in transparency (Abels & Putterman, 2024).

  • Legal and Ethical Concerns: The article outlines discrepancies between Biden's statements and the findings of the special counsel’s report. While it points out inaccuracies, it does not conclude that Biden's actions were criminal, noting the special counsel decided against prosecution (Abels & Putterman, 2024).

Image of design by K&M Kustom Kreations as part of the Sleepy Joe line "Kakistocracy"

4. Sleepy Joe Kakistocracy

Kakistocracy [kak-is-toc-ra-cy] - noun: Government by the worst persons, a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

The fourth design in our series labels Biden's administration as a kakistocracy. We use this term to express our belief that his leadership represents governance by the least qualified and most unscrupulous individuals. The kakistocracy design aims to illustrate our perspective that Biden’s administration is characterized by incompetence and corruption at the highest levels.

Economic Issues:

  • Biden's dismissal of ongoing inflation and rising unemployment, claiming that people are financially fine, contrasts with the University of Michigan's Consumer Sentiment Index, which showed a significant decline (Bedard, 2024).

  • Claims that Biden falsely boasted about reducing inflation and creating jobs, with inflation actually increasing during his term due to spending policies (Bedard, 2024).

  1. Foreign Policy Issues:

  • Biden's inconsistent stance on Israel, withholding congressionally approved arms to influence Israeli actions, received bipartisan criticism (Bedard, 2024).

  • Comparisons to former President Trump’s actions, suggesting Biden's move to withhold aid from Israel might be politically motivated (Bedard, 2024).

  1. Immigration Policies:

  • The administration's decision to extend Obamacare to certain younger illegal migrants (DACA recipients) and provide government ID cards to illegal migrants (Bedard, 2024).

  • Criticism of Biden's spending and policies perceived as encouraging illegal immigration (Bedard, 2024).

  1. Public and Political Perception:

  • Democratic pollster John Zogby and conservative analyst Jed Babbin gave Biden low grades for the week, citing a lack of connection with the public and ineffective governance (Bedard, 2024).

  • A 40% approval rating for Biden, indicating significant public dissatisfaction (Bedard, 2024).

Image of design by K&M Kustom Kreations as part of the Sleepy Joe line "Kleptocracy"

5. Sleepy Joe Kleptocracy

Kleptocracy [klep-toc-ra-cy] - noun: Government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.

Our fifth design accuses Biden's administration of kleptocracy. This image highlights the notion that those in power are more interested in personal enrichment than in serving the public. The kleptocracy design reflects our concern that Biden’s policies and actions primarily benefit the elite, while ordinary citizens bear the brunt of their consequences.

Allegations of Joe Biden's Consideration to Join a Board:

  • The article alleges that Joe Biden was considering joining the board of a joint venture created by Hunter Biden and his associates, which included Chinese partners.

  • This involvement is purported to bring "political access in the United States and around the world." (Fox News Digital, 2023)

  • Testimony of Business Associates:

  • Jason Galanis, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, testified from prison about the business dealings between Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and himself.

  • Galanis claims that the value of Hunter Biden's involvement was largely due to his family name and access to Joe Biden, who was Vice President at the time. (Fox News Digital, 2023)

  • Communications and Meetings:

  • The article mentions emails and communications that suggest Joe Biden was aware of and involved in these business dealings.

  • Specific instances are cited where Joe Biden allegedly participated in meetings or communications related to these business ventures. (Fox News Digital, 2023)

  • Financial Interests and Political Influence:

  • The article implies that the business ventures were designed to leverage political influence for financial gain.

  • Hunter Biden's business dealings included significant investments and partnerships with foreign entities, which were facilitated by his family connections. (Fox News Digital, 2023)

Image of design by K&M Kustom Kreations as part of the Sleepy Joe line "Misprision"

6. Sleepy Joe Misprision

Misprision [mis-pri-sion] - noun: Neglect or wrong performance of official duty.

The sixth and final design in our series focuses on misprision. We use this term to criticize Biden for the alleged neglect and improper execution of his official duties. The misprision design is intended to bring attention to what we see as his failure to uphold the responsibilities of his office, leading to detrimental outcomes for the nation.

Potential Basis for Misprision Concerns:

  1. Judge's Political Donations:

  • Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that Judge Juan Merchan donated to President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and made additional small donations to progressive groups (Kamisar & Reiss, 2023).

  1. Daughter's Political Involvement:

  • Judge Merchan’s daughter worked for Kamala Harris' 2020 presidential campaign and later for the Biden-Harris presidential campaign through a communications firm (Kasprak, 2023).

  1. Appearance of Bias:

  • The combination of the judge's political donations and his daughter's involvement in Democratic campaigns could create an appearance of partiality.

  • This appearance of bias is especially significant given that the case involves a high-profile political figure, Donald Trump, who was Biden’s opponent in the 2020 election.

  1. Judicial Ethics and Impartiality:

  • While judges are allowed to make small political donations, doing so in cases involving political figures can undermine public confidence in the judiciary’s impartiality.

  • Legal experts suggest that even the appearance of bias can be problematic and may necessitate recusal to maintain the integrity of the judicial process.

With these factors considered, there is a potential basis for concerns about judicial impartiality and fairness in the trial of Donald Trump. This situation could be interpreted as a basis for misprision on the Biden administration


Through the "Sleepy Joe" line, we aim to raise awareness about what we perceive as the corrupt and damaging practices of President Joe Biden and his administration. Each design is a visual representation of our concerns, tied to specific accusations of political misconduct. As we continue to develop this series, we will provide detailed evidence and facts to support our claims, ensuring that our message is clear and impactful.

We invite our readers to join us in this mission to hold our leaders accountable and strive for a government that truly represents the values and interests of the American people.

Sources creditability based on Center, Left, or Right Political leaning according to AllSides:

  • Politico considered to have a "Lean Left" media bias.

  • Las Vegas Review Journal considered to have a "Center" media bias.

  • The Washington Post considered to have a "Lean Left" media Bias.

  • The Nation considered to have "Lean Left" media Bias.

  • Vox considered to have a "Lean Left" media Bias.

  • Politifact considered to have a "Lean Left" media Bias.

  • Ways and Means committee (U.S. House of Representatives) 118th Congress considered to have a "Right Lean" media Bias.

  • The Washington Examiner considered to have a "Lean Right" media Bias.

  • Fox News Digital considered to have a "Lean RIght" media Bias.

  • Snopes considered to have a "Lean Left" media Bias.

  • NBC News considered to have a "Lean Left" media Bias.


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Kamisar, B., & Reiss, A. (2023, April 6). Judge in Trump's New York case appears to have donated $15 to Biden for President in 2020. NBC News.

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